Rainbow Six Siege Mid-Season Patch Brings Major Balance Changes

Rainbow Six Siege’s mid-season update is making significant balance changes to several operators. Alongside nerfs and buffs to Warden, Twitch, and Glaz, today’s update will make improvements to the MMR rollback system that was introduced earlier this year.


Warden is a three-armor two-speed defender that was added to Rainbow Six Siege in Operation Phantom Sight. Due to his under powered gadget and loadout, he is largely considered one of the weaker operators of the game.

The upcoming mid-season update will change Warden to a two-speed two-armor defender. Ubisoft hopes that this change will give him “more opportunities to use his ability effectively”. The developer notes that Warden may receive “larger changes” in the future.


Twitch is part of Rainbow Six Siege’s original 20 operators, and is considered one of the strongest attackers thanks to her F2. Following a minor recoil nerf, the French attacker is receiving yet another nerf to her primary weapon.

By reducing the F2 magazine capacity from 30 to 25, Ubisoft believes that it will lower her “fragging ability” without taking away from her gadget.


Glaz is arguably one of Rainbow Six Siege’s most situational operators, and a recent nerf to his gadget has only lowered his pick rate. The mid-season update buffs his primary weapon, the OTs-03, by increasing its rate of fire by 33%.

Ubisoft is still working to find the sweet spot for Glaz, but this change should address the operator’s lack of popularity.

Another significant balance change coming with the mid-season update is the Jackal rework. We’ve covered the details of the change in depth here.

MMR Rollback

MMR Rollback in ranked is a mechanic that was introduced earlier this year in Operation Burnt Horizon. The idea was to mitigate the effect of cheaters by reversing MMR changes for all players who played with or against a banned player.

Since its introduction, this feature has altered the MMR of thousands of players. However, Ubisoft explains that “drastic” changes in MMR is a “sign of massive irregularity”, and affected players will now have their ranks reset. While this change doesn’t affect regular players, those who receive bans for boosting will soon need to redo their placement matches.

The Y4S3.3 patch hits both PC and console today, check out the official patch notes for more information.


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