Rainbow Six Siege May Remove Text Chat Between Teams To Combat Toxicity

As part of Ubisoft’s ongoing efforts to eliminate in-game toxicity, the developer is planning to completely remove cross-team text chat in Rainbow Six Siege. Four years after release, toxic behavior remains one of the game’s most stubborn problems. Currently, the first person shooter allows players of both teams to communicate via the in-game text chat. However, the developers are now testing a change that removes the only form chat between the two teams.

Text Chat Removal

The removal of text chat has already proved controversial, and players are already demanding Ubisoft to not go through with the change. As is the case with all major updates, Ubisoft will first trial the change on Rainbow Six Siege’s test servers. If the community doesn’t approve of the change, which is highly likely, Ubisoft will not push the update to the live build.

“As part of our continuous efforts against in-game toxicity, we will be removing the cross-chat feature in live games,” writes Ubisoft. “Our data consistently shows that a very high percentage of Abusive Chat reports are from cross-chat. Our aim is to make games a more welcoming experience and return the focus of the in-game chat to strategic team-based communications.”

Ubisoft’s decision to remove all chat isn’t baseless; the developer claims that most toxicity reports are from cross-chat. Anyone familiar with the world of online gaming will know this is nothing unexpected.

Since its launch, Rainbow Six Siege has allowed players to completely disable text chat. However, this was an extreme solution, and players who wanted to only communicate with their team were left stuck.

In the past, Ubisoft addressed this issue by letting players mute any player’s text or voice chat. Unfortunately, it seems that wasn’t an adequate solution. As the toxicity reports keep on coming, the developer is forced to take further action.

Cross-chat has been removed from all online game modes excluding custom games.

Farhan Ali
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