Rainbow Six Siege ‘Lion’ Rework Is Complete, Pro Player Confirms

Last year, Ubisoft stated that Lion, the controversial Rainbow Six Siege operator, is being reworked. The operator was so unbalanced that the developers moved him to a ‘competitive quarantine’ last month. This was an attempt to provide a balanced gameplay experience for professional matches. Four months after the initial announcement, it seems that the Lion rework is complete, and will be revealed in the upcoming Six Invitational.

Lion Rework

Rainbow Six Siege professional player Pengu confirmed during a live stream that the Lion rework has finished development. Unlike an operator re-balance, a rework involves major changes.

“Lion has already been nerfed, he just hasn’t been released yet,” says G2’s Pengu. “Reworking an entire operator is not the same as just tweaking some numbers.”

Despite what the current meta suggests, Ubisoft takes game balance very seriously. The developer balancing team regularly hosts ‘workshops’ where professional players give feedback on new content. During these sessions, professional players and developers get together and play-test new maps, reworks, and any new game-changing content.

In Lion’s case, a good chunk of his current functionality will be changed with the rework. For this reason, Ubisoft will unveil the change alongside a major content update. The Six Invitational event is right around the corner, during which the new Australian season will be announced. It is highly likely that details of the Lion rework will be shared at the same time.

Apart from the fact that it’s awaiting release, Pengu didn’t reveal much about the Lion rework. Detailed information about the operator will be released during the Six Invitational which runs from February 11th to 17th.

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Rainbow Six Siege ‘Lion’ Rework Is Complete, Pro Player Confirms

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