Rainbow Six Siege Leak Reveals Names of Danish and Secret Service Operators

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Burnt Horizon kicked off earlier this year with Gridlock and Mozzie. As we approach the end of the season, leaks have started popping up with information about the upcoming operator. Although details were sparse, we know from the year four roadmap that season two will introduce a Danish and a Secret Service operator.

Nökk and Warden

Reputable leaker Kormora has revealed the names of the upcoming Rainbow Six Siege attacker and defender. The Danish attacker is called Nökk, and the Secret Service defender is called Warden. In a previous post, Kormora claimed that the Danish attacker will be “invisible to cameras” and the Secret Service defender can “bypass” flash and smoke grenades.

Furthermore, the Kormora’s source provided them with a vague description of the operators. Nökk is reportedly based on the Danish Frogmen, a CTU that shaped Vigil’s character design. The leaker also claims that Nökk  is “extremely cute and will probably will be a new fan favorite,” which is a pretty odd statement.

Meanwhile, Secret Service defender Warden “has the suit and tie plus kevlar”. Rainbow Six Siege operators are usually seen in full military outfits, so I’d imagine an operator wearing would surely spice up the formula.

Season Three Tease

It doesn’t stop there, however, as Kormora also hinted at a pretty game-changing mechanic.

“Defenders will now have a good reason to reinforce hatches on the same floor as them,” claims Kormora’s friend.

As attackers can’t really make use of them effectively, hatches on the same floor in Rainbow Six Siege are usually not reinforced. However, that could all change with season three. It’s unclear whether the leak refers to an operator ability, or a reinforcement rework altogether.

We know from Ubisoft’s CGI short that the Danish operator is an “expert in covert” and will be able to “blend and adapt into the environment.” Although the leak matches up with the information teased by Ubisoft themselves, make sure to take this with a grain of salt.

Danish Operator

We’re approximately a month away from the official reveal of the next season. Judging from past trends, Ubisoft will begin dropping teasers very soon.


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