Rainbow Six Siege Leak Hints At ‘Grappling Hook’ And ‘Special Deployable Shield’

Rainbow Six Siege’s fourth year has commenced with operation Phantom Sight. Two new operators, Warden and Nøkk, were introduced in this seasonal content update. While both characters have useful abilities, they’re nothing we haven’t seen before. Warden’s ability to see through smoke and avoid stun grenades is just like Ying and Glaz’s. Meanwhile, Nøkk’s HEL gadget is an amalgamation of Vigil and Caveira’s gadgets. Even their loadouts are reused weapons.

Judging from a new leak, however, it looks like the next season will be as ambitious as Phantom Sight was underwhelming. According to reputable Rainbow Six Siege leaker Kormora, the operators planned for season three will be absolutely game changing.


Prior to Phantom Sight, Kormora’s source teased about an attacker that will make defenders want to reinforce floor hatches below them. This sparked the interest of many fans, who subsequently speculated a grappling hook gadget. In a recent post, Kormora confirmed that the new attacker will indeed carry a grappling hook. This gadget can be used to rappel up both floor hatches and regular windows.

If this leak is accurate, the new attacker could significantly affect the vertical aspect of Rainbow Six Siege. In most scenarios, vertical gunfights are avoided by both attackers and defenders. This is because of those annoying metal bars that can block bullets. However, hatches are a different story. There are many defender objectives that have floor hatches located in or near them. As attackers have no way to climb up these hatches, defenders usually leave them unreinforced. However, if the new attacker can break and rappel up these hatches, then defenders will be forced to cover one extra angle.


Moving onto the defender, who is shaping up to be Rainbow Six Siege’s most ambitious operator. The leaker claims that the defender has a “special deployable shield that has a canister on it that drops fire around it when it gets broken”.

This gadget doesn’t seem to be as straightforward as the attacker’s gadget, so I don’t really know what to expect. It’ll be interesting to see how the fire aspect of the shield functions.

In addition to the new operators, the leaker talked about the current state of the game.

“We know season 1 is lacking in stuff but engine limitations are annoying to work around and it’s more crippling than it has been talked about in public. We’re also going to try to deliver a fun mid-season event to you guys and already seen some correct guesses on the web about what themed event it is because of skin leaks.”

This explanation does clear up the air regarding season two’s lackluster gadgets, but keep in mind that this not an official announcement from Ubisoft. Mid-season events, however, have been increasing in frequency over the past few months. The leaker claims they’ve seen some “correct guesses” about the upcoming themed event. This is likely in reference to the wild west themed cosmetics that were uncovered in a recent leak.

Operation Phantom Sight just launched, so it’ll be a long wait before Ubisoft shares details of year four’s second season. Judging from the leaks, however, the new season sounds like it’s going to be way more explosive than the first.

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