Rainbow Six Siege is Finally Turning Off Bank’s Annoying Sprinklers

Following Operation Phantom Sight’s full reveal, Ubisoft has released the patch notes of the new update. Alongside two new operators, the new season reworks the Kafe map, and revamps the ranked game mode. Furthermore, Ubisoft has deployed numerous quality of life changes, such as the removal of the noisy sprinkler found in the Bank map.


Rainbow Six Siege’s Ranked’s notorious beta tag has finally been removed. Alongside the introduction of a ranked hub, several changes have been made to the competitive game mode. Bomb is now the only playable game mode in ranked.

Ranked Hub
Ranked Hub

Soft MMR Reset is a new mechanic that aims to “improve the matchmaking experience” at the start of a season. Instead of everyone starting off with 2500 MMR, each player will now begin a season with varying MMR. This value can range between 1500 and 3500 MMR, and is based on your rank from the previous season. This also applies to placement matches.

“This change will also lead to players reaching their “true skill” faster; players that should be Diamond will reach Diamond faster. We understand that some players, particularly those at the extreme high end of Diamond, would like more of` a “grind” implemented for attaining the higher ranks.”

Ranked Hub

Soft MMR Reset will be activated in Phantom Sight alongside Pick and Ban.

Quality of Life Changes

Unnecessary noise that messes with players’ gameplay experience such as Bank’s sprinklers have been tweaked.

“We spoke with the management of the Bank, and stressed the importance of being mindful of their water usage. As such, they have turned off the sprinklers in the Basement.” On top of that, the shrill noise of the fire alarm has also been turned down. Helicopters on both Bank and Border now emit reduced noise.

Starting from Phantom Sight, observation tools including defender cameras, gadgets, and drones, will emit different colored lights depending on who’s controlling them. For consistency’s sake, observation tools controlled by attackers will be yellow, and those controlled by defenders will be blue. Active cameras that are affected by Nøkk or Vigil are now white.

“Ultimately, our goal is to ensure players can easily recognize a friendly, hacked, or enemy observation tool.”

From now on, players under the effect of a stun grenade will still be able to see their HUD. “The HUD is a source of information for the player, not for the Operator they are controlling, and as such, the HUD info should always remain visible.”

Apart from that, operation Phantom Sight adds a whole bunch of cosmetics, including Lesion’s new elite set. The new season goes live on the test servers May 21st, and comes to live servers three weeks after that.


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