Rainbow Six Siege Inverted Sound Bug Seemingly Fixed

Over the past year, Rainbow Six Siege players have reported many issues with the game’s sound system. Being a first-person shooter with a heavy reliance on audio, a lot of bugs and inconsistencies with the sound engine has upset many players. With the launch of Operation Shadow Legacy, a new bug causing “inverted sound” began occurring a lot more frequently. Not long after the season’s release, however, Ubisoft’s newest patch seems to have “fixed” the issue.

Rainbow Six Siege’s recent Y5S3.1 patch which removed the vote-to-kick feature also contained numerous bug fixes. Following the update, the aforementioned inverted sound bug was no longer reproducible internally, the dev team reports.

“Following the Y5S3.1 update on PC, our teams can no longer reproduce the inverted audio issues,” reads a new tweet by the Rainbow Six Twitter account. “Our latest patch notes mentions a fix for sound effects going missing after using a drone. We believe that the inverted audio was linked to this issue and that both are now fixed.”

An important thing to note is that Ubisoft does not say that the issue is completely fixed. As the studio isn’t certain about the fix, they are encouraging players to report any sound-related issues if they occur after the patch. However, it seems that for the time being, Rainbow Six Siege players will not have to deal with the inverted sound bug.

Due to the state of its sound engine, Rainbow Six Siege is no stranger to audio bugs. A recent status report by the dev team addressed many critical issues, such as cheating, connectivity, and even sound. Operation Shadow Legacy introduced a full “repackage” of the sound and propagation mechanic, but Ubisoft is working on a “full rebuild of the entire sound propagation and sound interactions systems”. The studio estimates that this will be completed in Year 6 of the game.


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