Rainbow Six Siege Grim Sky’s Attacker Maverick can Cut Through Reinforced Walls

Earlier this week, Ubisoft officially unveiled Rainbow Six Siege Grim Sky’s defending operator, Clash. Before today’s official reveal, fans were able to do some digging and found out that the name of the attacking operator is Maverick. Today, the rumors have been confirmed and now we know the story of the blowtorch wielding Delta Force operator.


Erik “Maverick” Thorn is a part of Rainbow Six Delta Force and carries a blowtorch. Described as a ‘D.I.Y. blowtorch’, this gadget has the ability to make holes in metal surfaces. Once open, the “murder holes” create new lines of sights and angles into other rooms.

Murder Holes


During his time as a Delta Force soldier, Maverick went MIA while investigating a case of a missing reporter. After two years of no contact, he returned with a blowtorch and enough intel to take down a major insurgency operation. Maverick’s expertise and large number of successful missions caused him to be noticed by Rainbow Six.

“Maverick is known for his precise work and keen mind, yet he remains an enigma within Rainbow Six,” says the official reveal post“It takes someone with exceptional intelligence, a deep understanding of human behavior, and high adaptability to one’s environment to do what he does.”

Maverick’s biography also states that he found multiple uses for the blowtorch on the field. This leads us to believe that his multipurpose tool is useful in various different scenarios. Additionally, the post describes him as “patient and fast” which could possibly mean that he is a three speed one armor operator.

The last hard breaching operator to be added was Hibana in Red Crow. The addition of Maverick will have a significant impact on the current meta, as there will be a total of three hard breaching attackers in Rainbow Six Siege. A detailed reveal of his loadout and gadget, alongside Clash’s, will be shown at the Six Major in Paris on August 17th – 19th.

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