Rainbow Six Siege Glitches Have Gotten So Bad That Ubisoft is ‘Disabling’ Content

It’s not everyday that you hear about bugs in video game causing so much havoc that the developers are forced to disable content. Unfortunately, Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege is suffering from a bad case of shield-related bugs. In fact, the situation has gotten so bad that the developer is now disabling game mechanics in an effort to minimize the damage.

Clash Disabled

While they work on a fix, Ubisoft has announced that shield-carrying defender Clash will be removed from the operator select screen. Furthermore, the deployable shield and claymore secondary gadgets will also be disabled for all Rainbow Six Siege players.

“Over the past few days, we have been working to address the issues presented from exploits surrounding Clash, IQ, and Deployable Shields. We are currently working on fixes. These combined issues touch on core systems of the game, and will therefore take longer than we consider acceptable to address.”

Although it seems like an extreme countermeasure, I can assure you that it’s not. Rainbow Six Siege players who’ve played at all in the past week will know how rampant the bugs are.

The Clash shield glitch which allows players to fire their weapon whilst holding their shield up is arguably the most devastating one.

Clash Shield Glitch
Clash Shield Glitch

Additionally, the dreaded “face-shield” bug has made a comeback. Any defender with access to a deployable shield can use this exploit to essentially become immune to headshots.

Deployable Shield Bug
Deployable Shield Bug – Image Source Windows Central

It doesn’t stop there, as there is another exploit involving claymores which allows IQ to become invisible. I don’t need to explain how catastrophic this can be in a competitive first-person shooter.

In an attempt to reduce the impact of these glitches, Ubisoft will temporarily disable Clash, deployable shields, and claymores. This is definitely more than a minor inconvenience, as these gadgets, specifically claymores, can determine the outcome of a round.

Ubisoft says that an update on the situation will be provided on May 21st. In the meantime, check out Nøkk and Warden, the new operators releasing in Operation Phantom Sight.

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Rainbow Six Siege Glitches Have Gotten So Bad That Ubisoft is ‘Disabling’ Content

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