Rainbow Six Siege Glaz Elite Skin MVP Animation Leaked, Pro Team Uniforms, Balancing Changes

Operation Wind Bastion for Rainbow Six Siege is now live on the test servers and Ubisoft has detailed the changes that will be introduced in the upcoming season. The update brings a number of balance changes as well as a bunch of new cosmetics. Yesterday, the screenshots of the Glaz elite skin emerged in a leak, and today the MVP animation has also been found.

The MVP animation for Glaz’s ‘Lethal Citizen’ elite skin involves him tossing a Russian coin into the air and firing a single round from his sniper rifle, which pierces the coin The Russian text on the coin translates to “Roubles – Russian Bank”.

The Lethal Citizen elite skin is yet to be announced, but we have other cosmetic uniforms and headgears coming with operation Wind Bastion. Pro team weapon skins and charms were released last season, and the upcoming BDUs and uniforms will complete the full set. Here are the teams that will be getting the new cosmetics:

  • Team Liquid – Smoke
  • Mousesports – Vigil
  • Fnatic – Thatcher
  • Penta Sports – Lesion
  • Ninjas in Pajamas – Glaz
  • Evil Geniuses – Pulse
  • Faze Clan – Hibana
  • Immortals GG – Mira
  • SK Gaming – Twitch
Pro Team Uniforms and Headgears
Pro Team Uniforms and Headgears

In terms of balancing, several operator gadgets and weapons have seen buffs and nerfs. Zofia’s concussion grenade count has been reduced to 2 down from 3, and the damage of Lesion’s T-5 SMG has been slightly decreased. The SMG-11 sidearm available to Smoke and Sledge has been buffed, and the weapon is now also part of Mute’s loadout.

As the new attacker Nomad is a direct counter to Clash, her CCE shield has been buffed and now deals 5 shock damage per tick instead of 3. Additionally, it seems that Clash on the technical test server cannot be staggered from melee hits, which might be an unintentional buff as it wasn’t included in the patch notes. Operation Wind Bastion also changes trajectories for all throwable gadgets and grenades except nitro cells. The new throw curves are supposedly¬†“easier and more comfortable to use.”

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