Rainbow Six Siege Finally Enables Clash After One Month Of Quarantine

Clash, a shield-bearing defender added to Rainbow Six Siege in Operation Grim Sky, is finally back in action. After being disabled in public matches due to a game-breaking bug one month ago, Ubisoft announced today that patch 4.2 re-enables the operator.

“The Clash exploit is fixed with this patch and we will be re-enabling her on live for each platform as 4.2 goes out,” read the patch notes. “Thank you for your patience and understanding over the holiday period!”

At the beginning of December 2019, Rainbow Six Siege players discovered an exploit that allowed Clash to fire her weapon with her shield up. Other players, including other defenders, would see the operator with her shield up. On her screen, Clash would be able to freely use her secondary weapon, whilst avoiding any incoming damage. Since then, the operator has stayed in quarantine.

Now, Ubisoft has finally fixed the exploit, and the fix is included in patch 4.2 which is live on PC. Console users will have to wait a while as Ubisoft hasn’t provided an exact release date.

“The Y4S4.2 patch is scheduled to go out today for PC on 13th of January, and to Console soon after which we’ll announce when we have a definite date.”

The developers didn’t explicitly state whether or not this fix is permanent. Due to her unique design, Clash is notorious for her bugs and Ubisoft has struggled to keep the operator in stable form.

Patch 4.2 doesn’t only focus on Clash; the 1.5 GB update contains fixes pertaining to operators, level design, and gameplay.


  • FIXED – Hostage can be shot and damaged through both reinforced and unbreakable walls when placed too close to either.
  • FIXED – Some thin fragile map props are not properly destroyed when hit by projectiles and other minor prop destruction issues on maps
  • FIXED – Operator hitboxes can clip through reinforced walls and be shot.

For the full list of detailed changes, check out the official patch notes here.

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Rainbow Six Siege Finally Enables Clash After One Month Of Quarantine

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