Rainbow Six Siege Disables ‘Clash’ Again After Game Breaking Shield Bug Returns

For the second time in the history of Rainbow Six Siege, Ubisoft is once again disabling content in an attempt to counter a game breaking exploit. Clash, a shield-bearing defending operator introduced in Operation Grim Sky, has been temporarily disabled for all players following the return of a catastrophic bug.

The issue in question is something that Rainbow Six Siege players experienced a few seasons ago. Back in June 2019, the community discovered a Clash exploit that allowed her to fire her weapon whilst using her CCE shield. As a result, attackers weren’t able to shoot her, but Clash could easily fire back and eliminate any attackers. The situation got so bad that Ubisoft was forced to disable the operator for the entire community.

Now, two seasons after the bug’s first appearance, the infamous Clash shield exploit has once again made a comeback. This time, however, Ubisoft was quick to react. The developer quickly took notice and temporarily disabled the operator to prevent further damage.

“We’ve disabled Clash for all platforms in order to investigate an issue that was discovered, and we are currently working on a fix,” writes a Ubisoft Community Manager. “Check back here for updates, and we will keep you all updated as the situation progresses.”

Last time, the Clash shield bug was accompanied by a deployable shield bug of the same nature. Similar to the operator glitch, any defender equipped with a deployable shield secondary gadget could exploit it and avoid receiving headshots.

Just like the previous instance, news of the Clash bug spread like wildfire due to major YouTube channels sharing the bug. As expected, a similar scenario happened this time as well, but fortunately Ubisoft was also quick to respond.

Previously, Ubisoft noted that they “need to act more quickly on issues of this magnitude”, and it’s clear that the developer has done just that. Now we just need to play the waiting game until the developers identify and fix the issue.


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