Rainbow Six Siege Developers Justify Caveira Nerf, Lion Rework Imminent

Rainbow Six Siege’s mid-season patch for operation Wind Bastion brings about some major balance changes. The Y3S4.2 patch is live on the technical test servers. Today, Ubisoft shared a developer blog explaining their reasoning behind some of the upcoming changes, including the controversial Caveira nerf.


Caveira’s Luison had its damage lowered from 99 to 65 and magazine size reduced from 15 to 12. The weapon’s recoil and hip fire spread values were also nerfed.

“We are trying to make her less frustrating to play against and reduce her power level at low to medium levels,” explains Ubisoft. “Lowering the damage, the number of bullets that need to hit the chest of an enemy to put them in a DBNO state should be the same as before, but we reduce the penalty of being hit by one shot. Thanks to this, we can also normalize the falloff curve to be more consistent with other pistols, which gives Caveira increased ranged and versatility.”

Furthermore, Ubisoft says that they want to “reinforce the hunter aspect” of Caveira. Rather than be a roaming menace, they want to make the operator a silent hunter.


Ubisoft also updated us on the status of the Lion rework. The design changes of the operator have been finalized, and the developers are in the process of “tightening up the parameters, as well as UI and Audio feedback.” More information about the Lion rework will be shared during the upcoming Six Invitational.


Despite the recent changes to Clash, Ubisoft is “not satisfied” with the operator. Even with the increased shock damage, the shield-bearing defender is “too weak when there is no backup.” The damage and fire rate buff to Clash’s SPSMG9 will hopefully give her a fighting chance when she is outnumbered.


Since his release at the start of Wind Bastion, Kaid and his slug shotgun have been the center of controversy. The mid-season patch buffs the ADS speed of his alternate weapon, the AUG A3.

“Kaid is performing below our expectations; we want to take a deep look in the future to make him more attractive for the utility and creativity that he brings to a team. The ADS of the AUG A3 was too slow, closer to an Assault Rifle than an SMG. This change should help him to win more gunfights.”

Rook and Doc

The MP5 of Rook and Doc was also nerfed. Ubisoft states that both operators have a high and continuously increasing ‘win delta’.

“We want to slightly reduce their power without changing how it feels to play them.”

All in all, it seems that Rainbow Six Siege is headed in the right direction. The game still needs a lot of work, but it looks like Ubisoft is trying to keep things clean on the balancing front.

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Rainbow Six Siege Developers Justify Caveira Nerf, Lion Rework Imminent

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