Rainbow Six Siege Will Soon Allow Dead Players to Control Cameras and Drones

During the Operation Crimson Heist reveal panel today, Rainbow Six Siege developer Ubisoft unveiled a ton of changes and additions headed to the first person shooter. Year 6 of the game is filled with new content in the form of operators, weapons, map reworks, and balance changes. One of the biggest changes players can expect is the ability for dead players to control all observation tools.

Activities After Death

As explained in today’s event, Rainbow Six Siege is planning to reduce downtime by giving players more things to do after death. Both attackers and defenders will be able to control observation tools that are placed on the map. Everything from dead players firing Maestro Evil Eyes to using the new EMP feature of bulletproof cameras and even driving regular drones will soon be part of Rainbow Six Siege.

Attacker Repick

To balance this, the pick phase for attackers is getting a big change. Attackers will soon have the option to change operators till the very last second of the preparation phase. This will give attackers an edge over defenders if their information gathering skills are better than the defense’s information denial capabilities.

Speed & Armor System

The speed armor system is being changed to speed and health system. The current armor system works behind the scenes so players do not have a good idea of what is going on. From now on, operators with different health ratings will have varying health values visible clearly on the HUD.

One speed operators will have 140 health, Two speed ops will have 120 health, and one speed ops will have 100 health.


The GONNE-6 is a new secondary weapon that is a “hybrid between a weapon and a gadget”. It comes pre-loaded with one explosive round that travels in a straight line similar to Ash’s explosive charges. The primary use of this weapon is to take out defender gadgets. Unlike regular secondary weapons, it doesn’t make you run faster and it is quite ineffective in a gunfight.

Operator Reworks

Ubisoft also shared its plans of reworks for certain operators. Operators causing problems with the “20 second meta” such as Goyo, Melusi, Mira, and Maestro are receiving big changes. Goyo’s gadget will be changed to just a deployable explosive can, while Melusi’s banshee’s will be vulnerable to bullets when activated. Melee attacking Mira windows and Maestro cams will temporarily block vision. Other operators such as Fuze and Finka will also be getting changes to their gadgets in the future.

Expect most of these changes to land in Rainbow Six Siege throughout this year. Operation Crimson Heist and the new Argentinian attacker Flores will be available on the PC test servers tomorrow February 22nd.

Farhan Ali
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