Rainbow Six Siege Operation Crimson Heist and Year 6 Roadmap Revealed

After five years of quarterly content updates, Ubisoft has revealed its plans for year 6 of Rainbow Six Siege. In addition to a bunch of new core gameplay features, today’s reveal panel gave us our first complete look at Operation Crimson Heist.

Operation Crimson Heist

Flores is the first Argentinian attacker joining Rainbow Six Siege’s ever-growing army of operators. His gadget is an RCE-Ratero explosive drone that can blow up everything from defender gadgets to destructible surfaces and even enemy players. Flores has a total of four explosive drones allowing him to wreak havoc on the defenders.

Once deployed, the RCE-Ratero starts moving and does not stop until it explodes or is destroyed. Flores can steer the drone, jump it over obstacles, and even stick it to walls, but he cannot control its speed. While driving, the drone can be destroyed easily by shooting it, but once the explosive timer is activated, there is no way to stop the explosion. Flores can “anchor” the drone by manually triggering the short 3 second explosive timer, or by letting the 10 second timer run its course. The only way to stop the drone is to use Mute’s jammers, electrified barbed wire, or Mozzie’s Pests.

As for his gadget, Flores carries the AR33 assault rifle or the SR-25 designated marksman rifle and a GSH-18 handgun. For gadgets, players can pick between a claymore or a set of stun grenades.

Year 6 Roadmap

Throughout year 6, Ubisoft is planning to deliver four new operators starting with Flores in season 1. Additionally, we can expect map reworks in every seasonal update starting with Border in Operation Crimson Heist. Season 2 will see Rainbow Six Siege visit the “Northern prairies of North America” and bring with it a map rework for Favela. With season 3 however, a Croatian operator will be shipped alongside small reworks on multiple maps. Lastly, season 4 will feature an operator from Ireland and rework for Outback.

Year 6 Roadmap

Expect a total of four seasonal events every season alongside small arcade playlists such as Golden Gun, Rainbow Is Magic, and the recent Legacy mode.

For other changes coming to Rainbow Six Siege in Year 6, head here for a full breakdown on the new core gameplay features. Rainbow Six Siege Operation Crimson Heist goes live on the PC test servers tomorrow February 22nd.

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