Rainbow Six Siege Operation Crimson Heist “Flores” Gadget and Loadout Leaked

Ahead of the Rainbow Six Siege Operation Crimson Heist full reveal panel this Sunday, chunks of information regarding the new operator “Flores” have leaked online. Playtesting for the new update began a while ago, so naturally details about the Argentinian attacker spilled on Twitter.

RCE Drone
RCE Drone


Reputable Rainbow Six Siege leaker R6Leaks shared our first in-game image of Flores. We already know that the operator’s primary gadget is an explosive drone, but now we finally know a little bit about its functionality. R6Leaks claims that Flores carries four RCE drones, in addition to two regular ones which are available to all attackers.

The RCE drone is capable of jumping and the only way for defenders to “stop” it is to use mute jammers, electrified barbed wire, or by using bullets. However, the leaker states that it will “blow up no matter what”. It doesn’t stop there; there are supposedly two ways the drone can explode, “start timed explosion and end of the time”. It is unclear whether or not Mozzie can hack the RCE drone using his Pest launchers.

RCE Drone
RCE Drone

It seems that the RCE drone is quite a complex gadget, and the vague leaks don’t make it easier to understand. All of this information about the gadget is based on leaks so make sure to take it with a pinch of salt.

As for his loadout, Flores is a two-speed two armor attacker with AR33 and SR-25 primary weapons and GSH-18 secondary weapon. For secondary gadget, he can choose between a claymore and stun grenades. R6Leaks adds that Flores also has access to the new GONNE-6 secondary weapon. This is apparently a new type of “hand cannon” that fires an explosive round intended to destroy bulletproof defender gadgets like deployable shields.

Other related tweets from the leaker state that Operation Crimson Heist will introduce a rework to the Border map. Furthermore, the new battle pass will apparently contain operator unlocks making it more appealing towards newer players. A full reveal panel for Operation Crimson Heist will be held on February 21st.


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