Rainbow Six Siege Chat Symbol Exploit Fixed, Ban Wave Commences Tomorrow

A new Rainbow Six Siege bug which lets players crash matches using nothing more than the in-game chat has emerged. The exploit basically allowed any player to effectively terminate any online match, ranked or otherwise, simply by typing in certain symbols in the chat. The bug only affected the PC version of the game, as the console versions don’t feature text chat. Thankfully, developer Ubisoft was able to quickly patch the exploit, and is now banning all players who abused it.

Chat Symbol Exploit

While it was only rampant for a few hours, the chat symbol exploit caused a lot of havoc among the Rainbow Six Siege community. Here’s a clip of the exploit in action. Players would perform the exploit as they were about to lose matches, resulting in the entire match being reset. It’s a very scummy thing to do, and Ubisoft is rightfully banning all perpetrators.

Ban Wave

In today’s update post, Ubisoft explains that a ban wave is about to hit Rainbow Six Siege. Abusing the chat symbol exploit is against the game’s code of conduct, so the people who did it shouldn’t be upset with their actions.

“These bans are targeting players that abused the chat symbol exploit to crash matches,” writes Ubisoft Community Manager Epi. “They will have varying lengths, depending on the frequency and severity of the exploit’s usage.”

Players who intentionally performed the exploit should expect a big fat ban headed their way. Taking advantages of glitches and exploits which ruin the gameplay for others has always been a no no in Ubisoft’s eyes. As such, all bug abusers, even those who only did it once, will be banned in tomorrow’s ban wave.

Personally, I believe this policy should be extended towards those who abuse other bugs, such as the recent one with Clash. These exploits also interrupt gameplay and should absolutely warrant a temporary, if not permanent ban.


Farhan Ali

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