Rainbow Six Siege Bug Confirms Invitational-themed “2019 Collection Pack”

A recent Rainbow Six Siege leak suggested that the game was due for another round of premium cosmetics. The leak hinted that the content will be released via the upcoming ‘Invitational Packs’. It looks like Ubisoft has once again slipped up, as a Rainbow Six Siege bug confirms the existence of the 2019 Collection Pack.

2019 Collection Pack

While the pack definitely matches the theme of the Six Invitational, it’s name is quite different. Last night, several players logging into Rainbow Six Siege were met with a message announcing the 2019 Collection Pack. The packs can be purchased with R6 Credits, and according to the message, Ubisoft will give all players one freebie.

It seems that a bug caused the message to show up early, as, contrary to the message text, the packs are currently not accessible. If the 2019 Collection Packs are anything like the previous Crimsonveil and other paid packs, then there will be no possibility of obtaining a duplicate.

Although it’s not confirmed yet, leaks suggest that players will need roughly 20 packs to complete the entire collection. While purchasing them with renown is not an option, Ubisoft might offer these packs as challenge rewards. During the Halloween event, all players could unlock two Crimsonveil packs for free by completing a challenge. Fans would be very pleased if at least one of the 2019 Collection Packs could be obtained via non-premium means.

The contents of the pack are yet to be confirmed, but a recent leak has given us some previews. The 2019 Collection Pack seems to contain some of the highest quality cosmetics we’ve ever seen in Rainbow Six Siege.

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Rainbow Six Siege Bug Confirms Invitational-themed “2019 Collection Pack”

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