Rainbow Six Siege Bug Allows Players to Fuze Reinforced Hatches

Rainbow Six Siege, like many of Ubisoft’s games, is infamous for its bugs and glitches. A newly discovered bug allows players to plant and activate Fuze’s cluster charges on reinforced hatches.


As discovered by Youtuber DBL online, a Rainbow Six Siege bug lets players place cluster charges atop reinforced hatches. For balance reasons, gadgets like cluster charges and breach charges cannot be placed on reinforced surfaces. Needless to say, taking advantage of this bug would be extremely unfair to defenders, as the whole point of reinforcements is to deny such gadgets.

Fuze Reinforced Hatch | Source: DBL Online

This is actually the second time this bug has been seen in Rainbow Six Siege. A few months before the hatch reinforcement overhaul brought in Operation Grim Sky, the same bug allowed Fuze to plant a cluster charge on the edges of a reinforced hatch. Although at that time, it could only be planted on reinforced hatches that were surrounded by breachable floors.

Unlike before, this bug lets Fuze place a cluster charge by any reinforced hatch in the game. Exploiting this bug would allow for some extremely devastating cluster charge placements. For example, fuzing the open area hatch on Bank could flush out defenders positioned in vault hallway. Similarly, fuzing the bathroom hatch on Consulate can destroy defenders located behind the van and yellow pillar in garage.

As his cluster charges are easy to evade, Fuze is a fairly underpicked attacker. While his loadout is quite powerful, his gadget is very situational. Although Fuze’s cluster charge gadget was tweaked a while back, he is still considered an unreliable operator. As a result of the bug, we might see a rise in his pickrate, but he will still be eclipsed by other attackers with more useful gadgets. Hopefully Ubisoft knows about this bug and is working on a fix.

Farhan Ali
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