Rainbow Six Siege Bandit Elite Set and Victory Animation Leaked

Rainbow Six Siege’s newest season, Operation Burnt Horizon, is now live on the technical test servers. The latest operator to receive an elite set was Hibana, but shortly after the official announcement, yet another elite set was leaked, this time for Bandit.

Bandit “Axle 13” Elite Set

Originally shared by R6S News, the Bandit Axle 13 elite bundle consists of full biker gang apparel for the German defender. The bundle, like all other elite sets, comes with a unique uniform, an elite chibi charm, and weapon skins for all of Bandit’s weapons. Furthermore, there is also a gadget skin for the CED-1, more commonly known as the Bandit battery.

Bandit Elite
Bandit Elite

In the victory screen MVP animation, Bandit can be seen revving his motorcycle, before putting on a pair of sunglasses. The Axle 13 elite set seem to be inspired by the operator’s backstory. According to his operator profile, Bandit was a former undercover agent within the Hannover Hell’s Angels, which explains the whole biker get-up.

As evident from the images, the elite set features a very aggressive theme. The weapon skins for the MP7, M870, and the P12 feature dark colors with vibrant flame decals on the weapon skins. Moreover, the uniform and headgear feature a tattoo-covered body and a black leather jacket.

Regarding the leak’s authenticity, elite bundle was accessed from Rainbow Six Siege’s latest test server build. This is evident from the “Y4S1.0” visible on the right side of the screen. Furthermore, Bandit’s face observed in the leak looks very similar to the one seen in the game’s trailer.

While the leak seems authentic enough, keep in mind that Ubisoft hasn’t officially announced the Bandit elite set yet. Hence, some or all of the cosmetics seen above are subject to change. As the recently announced Hibana elite is awaiting release, it will be a long wait before Ubisoft unveils another one.

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