Rainbow Six Siege Adds Reverse Friendly Fire Tomorrow, Here’s How it Works

During the Six Invitational event from earlier this year, Ubisoft announced a bunch of changes coming to Rainbow Six Siege. Reverse Friendly Fire is a new initiative by the developer, who hopes to cut down toxicity by targeting team-killing.

As a first-person shooter with an emphasis on teamwork, Rainbow Six Siege has had a hard time dealing with team-killing. After a trial run on the test servers, reverse friendly fire is finally coming to live servers tomorrow.

In short, reverse friendly fire prevents players from abusing the friendly fire mechanic to grief their teammates. Ubisoft believes that the new mechanic will maintain the “same intensity and high stakes gameplay that is core to the Rainbow Six Siege experience.”

Thanks to community feedback, Ubisoft has tweaked reverse friendly fire to be as balanced as possible. Note that as this is the first iteration, the system is not quite perfect. As such, the developers will continue to make improvements based on player feedback and game data.


Bullets, which are the one of the biggest reasons for team-kills, will always contribute to the activation of reverse friendly fire. Apart from a few exceptions, the new game mechanic’s behavior is almost the same for weapons and explosives.

On Weapons

Any primary/secondary weapons as well as damaging gadgets such as Buck’s shotgun, Maverick’s blowtorch, Zofia’s launcher, and direct hits from Valkyrie cameras and other throwables will count towards activating reverse friendly fire. Before activation, teammates will receive damage as normal. Once activated, however, any further damage dealt via these means will reverse it onto the offending player.

On Explosives

Explosives, however, behave slightly differently. In order to prevent potentially exploitable situations, explosives will continue to damage teammates even after reverse friendly fire has been activated. Consequently, if such an explosive damages or kills a teammate, the damage won’t be reversed onto the attacker. This category applies to gadgets such as frag grenades, nitro cells, Smoke’s gas grenades, Capitao’s asphyxiating bolts, and Fuze’s cluster charges. 

However, there are a few exceptions to reverse friendly fire. Damage caused by claymores, Kapkan traps, Hibana’s breach pellets, and Thermite’s exothermic charges will not trigger reverse friendly fire.

On Drones

Gadgets which indirectly cause damage to players are also affected by this. Maestro’s evil eyes and Twitch’s shock drones will be destroyed if they deal enough damage to teammates.

Ubisoft says that more changes and improvements will come to reverse friendly fire in year four season two, which is set for a full reveal later this month.

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Rainbow Six Siege Adds Reverse Friendly Fire Tomorrow, Here’s How it Works

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