Rainbow Six Siege Adds Reverse Friendly Fire, Operator Reworks Incoming

Following the year four roadmap reveal, Ubisoft detailed all the changes coming to Rainbow Six Siege in 2019. The operator-based first-person shooter is due to receive loads of quality-of-life changes, balancing changes, operator and map reworks, and more.

Reverse Friendly Fire

Ever since launch, Rainbow Six Siege has been notorious for its handling of teamkilling. Players have long argued that, while friendly fire is a pivotal part of the game, it needs to be removed. In year four, Ubisoft is introducing reverse friendly fire as a deterrent to teamkilling.

After the first teamkill, any further damage dealt to a teammate will be reflected back to the player. This feature is designed to punish griefers, while maintaining the leeway for accidental teamkills. The developers stress that this is only a prototype, and will continue to be worked on.

Ranked Leaves Beta

It took four years, but the beta tag from Ranked is finally being removed. The first half of year four will bring major improvements to Rainbow Six Siege’s main competitive mode. In the days leading up to the Six Invitational, Ubisoft introduced a limited time playlist featuring “Pick and Ban”. After receiving waves of positive feedback, the developers announced that Pick and Ban will now be the main game mode for Ranked.

Ranked Hub
Ranked Hub

Furthermore, the new Ranked Hub allows players to see all of their current season statistics. This includes information such as matches played, wins and losses, current and highest MMR, and even previous season ranks.


Ubisoft has proudly announced that they now have a full team dedicated to game balance. Everything from operator and gadget reworks to map balancing will be handled by the new team. Some of the operators being reworked in year four are Lion, Glaz, Ying, Dokkaebi, Capitao, with many more in development. Furthermore, the deployable shield defender gadget is being changed in hopes of transforming it into a viable choice.

More details about the operator and map reworks will be revealed in the days leading up to their release. Check out the year four developer diary for more information on the changes coming to Rainbow Six Siege.

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Rainbow Six Siege Adds Reverse Friendly Fire, Operator Reworks Incoming

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