Rainbow Six Siege: 5 Things You Need to Know About Operation Burnt Horizon

Following the official reveal of Operation Burnt Horizon, Ubisoft has launched the new season on Rainbow Six Siege’s test servers. Alongside Gridlock and Mozzie, there are a quite a few changes and additions headed towards the game in year four. Without further ado, here are five things you need to know about Burnt Horizon.

Reverse Friendly Fire

The implementation of reverse friendly fire is something Rainbow Six Siege fans have wanted for a long time. Toxicity, especially teamkilling, is a major problem within the community. Starting in Burnt Horizon, Ubisoft will activate the first prototype of reverse friendly fire.

Reverse Friendly Fire
Reverse Friendly Fire

After the first teamkill, any further damage dealt to teammates will instead be reflected back to the player. A warning will be displayed at the top of screen to notify players when reverse friendly fire has been activated. Once activated, reverse friendly fire will stay for the duration of the match, regardless of whether it’s ranked or casual.

No More Resets

Resetting is one of the weirder mechanics of Rainbow Six Siege. If you think about it, purposely injuring a weakened teammate, only to revive them and heal them up to 50 HP is an odd way of going about things. In the current version of the test server, resetting is no longer possible. From now on, injured teammates revived from a DBNO state will have 20 HP (15 HP in Terrorist Hunt), instead of the usual 50 HP.

As this mechanic has been in the game since launch, it’s strange that Ubisoft has decided to remove it. Notably, this change wasn’t mentioned in the initial Burnt Horizon patch notes. The change was only recently deployed to the test server, which means Ubisoft could still decide against bringing it to live servers.

Movement Rework

Although not detailed in the patch notes, Ubisoft is testing out new player movement animations. This change was made to address the crouch and lean spam issue that has been plaguing Rainbow Six Siege for several weeks now. While animations look and feel quite wonky and sluggish, crouch and lean spam on the test servers is no longer exploitable.

MMR Rollback

No matter the game, cheaters and hackers will always be a nuisance to players. Ubisoft’s anti-cheat measures already ban thousands of cheaters every week, but their next feature will attempt to minimize the damage caused. Starting in Burnt Horizon, the Match Making and Rating Roll Back feature will “roll back MMR gains and losses for all players from matches that the banned cheater participated in for that Season.”

Newcomer Playlist

With so many unique operators and varied maps, Rainbow Six Siege is very intimidating for new recruits. In order to ease new players into the game, Ubisoft has added the Newcomer multiplayer playlist.

Newcomer Playlist
Newcomer Playlist

Available exclusively to players under level 50, the new playlist will help them learn the basics of Rainbow Six Siege. The Newcomer playlist features the bomb game mode played on three maps: Bank, Consulate, and Chalet.

Operation Burnt Horizon for Rainbow Six Siege is yet to be released on the live servers, which means contents of the patch notes are subject to change. The Australian operators Gridlock and Mozzie, are available now on the test servers alongside the new map, Outback.


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