Rainbow Six Siege ‘The Grand Larceny’ Event Dials Destruction to the Max

Rainbow Six Siege, Ubisoft’s first-person shooter popular for its innovative destruction mechanics, is taking things to the next level. The Grand Larceny is a new limited-time mode set in a fully-destructible version of the old Hereford Base map. For the first time ever, the new game mode allows players to blow open and pass through floors and ceilings without being obstructed by those pesky metal beams.

The Grand Larceny

The new game mode pits Blighters (defenders) against Crooks (attackers) on an early 20th century makeover of Hereford Base. Lookouts are tasked with protecting five safes scattered across the map on different floors, and the robbers must crack open three of them to secure a win.

Here’s the twist: weapon selection for all operators is limited to shotguns. They can use both primary and secondary gadgets, but even sidearms are removed from play. The shotgun-only rule means the destruction element is dialed to the max, and seeing both operators and safes falling through floors is not an uncommon sight.

All operators are automatically equipped with cosmetics from the new Grand Larceny collection packs. These new premium packs contain a total of 31 themed cosmetics including headgears, uniforms, weapon skins and charms. Each pack costs 12500 Renown or 300 R6 Credits, and buying the entire collection with real money will cost 9300 R6 Credits, which is equivalent $100.

Rainbow Six Siege’s The Grand Larceny event brings the most expensive cosmetics collection the game has ever seen. Even content creators and professional players have expressed unhappiness with the pricing of these packs.

Putting aside the collection packs, the game mechanics explored by The Grand Larceny mode is something Siege fans have demanded for years. In normal game modes, the metal beams that block vertical movement are there for balance reasons. While the game mode is definitely fun to play, it’s unlikely that we will see such maps added to the normal game.

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