Rainbow Six Extraction Will Release on January 22nd and You Can Play With Your Friends For Free

But there's a small catch.

Ubisoft took to Twitter yesterday to finally announce the release date of the highly anticipated Rainbow Six spinoff, Rainbow Six Extraction, along with some more key details. While the game was initially supposed to come out on September 16th, it was delayed to a January 2022 release earlier this year. Now we know that Extraction is releasing next year, on January 22, 2022.


Rainbow Six Extraction was originally known as Rainbow Six Quarantine. Then, an unfortunate little event happened that changed out history forever, which obviously prompted Ubisoft to change the name. For a while, the game was known as Parasite, but that was only an internal codename or a placeholder name of sorts. Eventually, Rainbow Six: Extraction was revealed as the new name. It’s unknown if the actual game had gone under any major changes throughout the past year, or if it was just the name.


Operation Chimera in Rainbow Six Siege serves as the backbone of Extraction as the game is a direct spinoff of the Outbreak event. Outbreak followed the story of the game’s operators dealing with a unknown evil entity causing havoc in the game world, and Extraction will act as natural development of that story. It allows you to play as iconic RS6 operators while trying to fight waves of aliens in a PvE co-op zombie-style shooter that’s trying to be entirely its own thing, separate from Rainbow Six Siege.

Operators fighting the alien threat | Ubisoft

New, Lower Price

That’s why the game’s original price tag was $60 as it was a full-fledged standalone game. However, early impressions suggested that it was a more of a glorified expansion, a good one at that, but still, an expansion. So it seems fitting that Ubisoft has reduced the price to just $40. Players who originally pre-ordered the game at the $60 will be refunded accordingly. This last minute price cut can be seen as both a good and bad thing.

Obviously, it’s good that we’re getting a brand new game for cheap, but this sudden price cut indicates that Ubisoft themselves are sure that they don’t have a $60 game at hand, but rather a fancy DLC. Whatever you make of this, it’s no denying that this is a surprising occurrence, especially for a game as anticipated as this one.

Buddy Pass

The last bit of news we got from Ubisoft was about “Buddy Pass”. No, that’s not a Game Pass knockoff, it’s a real feature in the game and it’s honestly quite exciting. Each copy of Rainbow Six Extraction will come with 2 Buddy Passes that will allow a friend of yours to play with you for free, on a trial period of 2 weeks. That means, you can lend the Buddy Pass to two of your friends, they can download the game and hop in with you and you can embark on all sorts of co-op adventures, all without your friends ever owning the game.

Dramatization of multiple operators playing together in co-op | Ubisoft

Their progress will be counted in all the missions and carried forward if they buy the game themselves. That being said, there are two restrictions, apart from the 2-week trail period. Firstly, your friends on Buddy Pass cannot play or access the ranked “Assignments” mode, and they also won’t be able to see or purchase items from the in-game store.


As mentioned before, Rainbow Six Extraction releases on January 22, 2022 and you can pre-order it right now for $40. There’s also a deluxe edition that costs $10 more and will give you three bonus packs. Preordering either edition will get you the Orbital Decay cosmetic bundle. Extraction will be available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, PC, and Google Stadia on the same day. It features cross-play, cross-progression and cross-save on all platforms. Along with that, your Buddy Pass will also honor the cross-play functionality and be available for all platforms.

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