Radeon VII Wont Be The Only Release From AMD, Expect More Radeon Cards This Year

Radeon VII was AMD’s reveal of their 7nm architecture to the world. As excited as all of us were for it, it did come at the phenomenal cost of $699. Furthermore, the card comes at the same cost as the RTX 2080 with similar performance but no ray tracing which makes it a rather questionable purchase. As interesting as that may be, what’s more, is AMD’s CTO, Mark Papermaster, has something that piques interests even more.

Mark says that the Radeon family of GPUs has a long way to go and that this year will be filled with Radeon launches. If that’s true then what we can gather from this is that AMD still cares for the entry-level and mid-range gamer. The RX 590 may have been a small trip-up on AMD’s part, being yet another Polaris refresh and all. But, if AMD does plan on using new architecture, the future is looking more golden now for gamers than it ever has.

What Should We Expect

Well, AMD has the world of options when it comes to where exactly they feel like going with the next Radeon line of GPUs. They could and most likely will be utilizing their 7nm architecture, or they could bring Navi back into public focus. The reason Navi is a viable option is that of the cheaper memory solutions such as GDDR6 and gaming-centric features.

AMD has developed most of it’s rapport by understanding the demands of the common PC user. What i mean by that is, they always strive to provide the best possible performance for what almost seems like a veneer of margin for themselves. After the much needed Ryzen line of CPUs to knock Intel down to size, all we can say right now is that AMD understands exactly where their market is and they know how to attack, and with considerable force at that. So here’s to hoping for a powerful but reasonably priced line-up of Radeon GPUs.

Shahzeb Nasir
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