Radeon PRO WX 8200 To Come With 56 Compute Units And 16GBs of DDR5 Memory

AMD’s FirePro series have been quite famous among professionals in the past. That was until AMD refreshed the lineup and renamed it Radeon PRO. Bringing in the new Polaris Architecture for their professional cards. It has been quite sometime since AMD announced a new card for their Radeon PRO lineup, but recently through a GeekBench result the new Radeon PRO WX 8200 was leaked. 

Nvidia is clearly dominating the consumer graphics card market leaving AMD cornered in the gaming segment. But they are still fiercely competing in the professional segment. Both the companies have important technologies in the pipeline, like AMD’s Radeon PRO Render and Nvidia’s V-Ray 4.0 implementation. Although we will be talking about the newly leaked AMD Radeon PRO WX 8200 in this article. 

Compute Performance of AMD Radeon™ PRO WX 8200
Courtesy – CompuBench

AMD has 6 cards in the Radeon PRO series. The WX 2100, WX 3100, WX 4100, WX 5100, WX 7100 and the current top of the line WX 9100. The WX 7100 has 5.73 TFLOPS of compute performance, while the WX 9100 has a whopping 12.29 TFLOPS of compute performance. This clearly shows the huge gap between the two top end cards in the Pro series. This is where the WX 8200 will be very important, it will be placed between the WX 7100 and the 9100 in AMD’s lineup, and this spot is a pretty important one.

According to the leaked results from GeekBench, the WX 8200 will have 56 compute units and 3584 stream processors along with 224 TMUs, 64 ROPs, and a 4096-bit wide HBM2 memory interface, with 16GBs of dedicated memory along and 8+6 pin power connectors. Meanwhile the WX 9100 has 64 compute units with 16GBs of memory and the WX 7100 has 36 of them with 8GBs of memory. So it can be concluded that the WX 8200 will be closer to the WX 9100, when it comes to performance. Although the WX 8200 will be based on the new Vega 10 platform.

On the Nvidia lineup the WX 8200 might be a direct competitor to the Quadro P5000, which comes with 8.9 TFLOPS of compute performance and 16GBs of memory. This is similar to what AMD did with the WX 7100, which performed better than it’s competing Nvidia equivalent, the Quadro P4000, while being cheaper.

AMD Radeon PRO WX 8200 renders
Image courtesy – VideoCardz

The Radeon PRO WX 8200 brings a lot of value to the table, given it will be similar to it’s leaked specifications. The Quadro P5000 usually retails at around $1800, so the WX 8200’s price could fall between the 1400$-1800$ range. We can see from the pictures that the card has 4 mini-DisplayPort 1.4 connectors with a air cooled PCB. Release date is unknown as of know, but according to rumors, AMD might announce the card in SIGGRAPH 2018.

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Radeon PRO WX 8200 To Come With 56 Compute Units And 16GBs of DDR5 Memory

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