AMD R9 7950X CPU-Z Scores Leaks Out, Neck to Neck Against Raptor Lake

Yesterday, we got our hands on the Cinebench R23 benchmarks for AMD’s upcoming R5 7600X and the R7 7700X which were in their own league. As a recap, in terms of single-core performance the CPUs are equivalent to:

  • R5 7600X = i7-12700K
  • R7 7700X = i9-12900K

The Raphael King

The CPU-Z score for AMD’s R9 7950X has been leaked by harukaze. On request of the actual source, the multi-core score is now deleted. However, we have some numbers from Wccftech. The R9 7950X scores around 750780 in single core testing (We will take 765 for an average number). The ‘now deleted’ multi core result stands at at a massive 16809 points. 

The relative performance benchmarks are as follows:

R9 7950X vs Alder Lake CPU-Z

This is no where close yesterday’s speculative score which put the R9 7950X against the beasts from Raptor Lake. The test we have now is hardly comparable to even the i9-12900K. Presumably, the clocks were slightly lower. However, since this is the ES (Engineering Sample), expect additional improvements on the hardware level.

A Comeback

The R9 7950X jumps back against all other CPUs in the multi-core test. We had to include the Raptor Lake CPUs because Alder Lake stood no chance in this test. The R9 7950X is indeed a mystery that will be revealed once AMD announces their Zen4 CPUs. 

R9 7950X vs Alder Lake CPU-Z Multi Core

What can we expect?

The single core performance increases by around 20% which is less than yesterday’s numbers (30-35%). The multi-core increment saw the biggest bump of about 35% while maintaining the same core/thread count. It seems AMD’s multi-tasking supremacy is back on the menu boys. However, Intel isn’t far behind with the results nearly neck to neck. 

The single core offerings have varied by quite a lot between the different processors. We expect Intel to be in lead here once more, however, the multi-core question remains unanswered. Both architectures are promising. Don’t miss out on AMD’s Ryzen 7000 announcement which is set to take place on the 29th of August this month.


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