Ryzen 9 7950X to Hit 5.1GHz Boost Clock Across All Cores

The R9 7950X will have a boost frequency of more than 5.1GHz (all core).

Gremon55 on twitter, shared a cryptic tweet stating ‘all core 5.1GHz+‘. On decrypting the tweet, a reference to AMD can be seen. Intel hitting 5.1GHz across all cores is not something new, so this is most likely AMD’s Zen 4. 

R9 7950X Hitting 5.1GHz+ Across All Cores

Greymon55 hints that this probably is not an 8 core CPU. If we connect the dots, this may be AMD’s R9 7950X

So AMD’s Zen 4 based flagship SKU can be clocked at 5.1GHz+ over all 16 cores. Impressive! Intel can be boosted up to 6.1GHz, although on just 8 performance cores. Let the frequency wars commence…

A while ago, leaks came up regarding the max frequencies on Zen4 and Raptor Lake. As per HXL, the 7950X can be clocked higher than 5.5GHz although not on all cores. The Intel i9-13900K can go to a maximum of 5.8GHz, however, from what we have seen it has been overclocked much higher than the baseline. 

Furthermore, the 3D and KS variants of the flagship CPUs from AMD and Intel respectively are to go higher than 6GHz. Previously, this was only possible with liquid Nitrogen cooling. Intel’s i9-13900K has been overclocked to 6.1GHz where an AIO cooling kit proved to be plentiful.

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