AMD’s Ryzen 9 7000 CPUs to Consume 170W of Power

AMD is set to launch its ‘Zen 4‘ based ‘Raphael‘ processors sometime in the next few months.

kopite7kimi, in a tweet shared with us that all Ryzen 9 processors from Zen 4 will pose a dangerously high 170W TDP. This is a whopping 45W increase over Raptor Lake (125W). The AM5 socket featured on the next-gen AMD based motherboards have a PPT (Package Power Tracking) of 225W

This may seem a bit normal, until you notice the phrase ‘normal voltage‘. So even at stock voltage (No OC), the R9 CPUs will consume a massive 170W of power. More power will be consumed if the voltage increases (On overclocking). Rumours have stated that the Ryzen 7000 CPUs will feature a maximum frequency of around 5.85 GHz, however, overclockers will have their say once these CPUs release.

AMD would like to issue a correction to the socket power and TDP limits of the upcoming AMD Socket AM5. AMD Socket AM5 supports up to a 170W TDP with a PPT up to 230W. TDP*1.35 is the standard calculation for TDP v. PPT for AMD sockets in the “Zen” era, and the new 170W TDP group is no exception (170*1.35=229.5).

“This new TDP group will enable considerably more compute performance for high core count CPUs in heavy compute workloads, which will sit alongside the 65W and 105W TDP groups that Ryzen is known for today. AMD takes great pride in providing the enthusiast community with transparent and forthright product capabilities, and we want to take this opportunity to apologize for our error and any subsequent confusion we may have caused on this topic.” — AMD Representative to Tom’s Hardware (emphasis added)

~ AMD Spokesperson at Tomshardware

Keeping the above statement in front of us, we can derive the approximate power metrics for the Zen 4 based SKUs from AMD.

  • 45W (Max PPT of ~60W)
  • 65W (Max PPT of ~88W)
  • 95W (Max PPT of ~129W)
  • 105W (Max PPT of ~142W)
  • 125W (Max PPT of ~169W)
  • 170W (Max PPT of ~230W)

The above figures are calculated by using AMD’s approximate 1.35x multiplier for the PPT. That’s cool, but “What does this mean for average consumer?”. Well to put it simply, your new AMD processor will be a power hog, however, it will provide more performance for every extra watt it consumes. 

AMD’s latest CPUs are set to be announced on 15th September, 2022. The actual release is planned for Q4 2022



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