AMD Ryzen 7000 Delayed Due To BIOS Issues

Just yesterday, AMD broke the silence and stated 29th August, 2022 as the announcement date for Zen4. Initially, it was thought that these CPUs would arrive 2 weeks later on the 15th of Septemeber. All was going well until some leakers claimed that due to ‘certain reasonsRaphael is being pushed back.

mydrivers claimed that Zen4 has been delayed by 2 more weeks making the launch date sometime on the 27-28th of September. This timing is suspicious because it coincides with Intel’s Raptor Lake announcement. We didn’t have an exact reason by AMD for this delay, however, a few reviewers blame ‘BIOS issues‘ for the additional wait.

A thread over Chiphell makes things more clear. nApoleon inquired some ‘insiders’ regarding this delay.

AMD’s Reason for the Zen4 Delay | Chiphell

Interestingly, Zen3 faced similar BIOS issues which took months upon months to fix. Maybe this was a smart move by AMD to make sure they have the smoothest start possible. Since AMD officially is yet to announce these CPUs in less than 14 days, I believe that these ‘issues’ are not severe. 

Launch Lineup

Over at pccanadaa few listings were available for AMD’s upcoming Raphael CPUs. This gives us an idea regarding the initial launch lineup along with the pricing.

  • R5 7600X = 423.99CAD or $330
  • R7 7700X = 613.99CAD or $479
  • R9 7900X = 777.99CAD or $600
  • R9 7950X = 1,140.99CAD or $900

If these initial prices look expensive, wait until you look at the pricing for the motherboards. Yesterday, the German website IPC-Computer had the X670 motherboards available for pre-order with an expected arrival of 3-8 weeks. You can read more about this here.

ASUS X670E Prices with and w/o VAT | haruzake

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