AMD Ryzen 7 7700X Tested In Cinebench R20, Up To 26% Faster Than R7 5800X

Over at bilibili, ExtremePlayer had the opportunity to test AMD’s upcoming R7 7700X in Cinebench R20. This CPU is included in the initial lineup for Zen4 which is as follows:

  • R5 7600X 
  • R7 7700X 
  • R9 7900X 
  • R9 7950X 


The R7 7700X was running at a base clock of 4.5GHz which is similar to the base clock offered by the Retail variant. Do note that this is just an ES (Engineering Sample) as the black market has these available for purchase since these CPUs have passed their testing phase.

Not much information is known regarding the boost clock of this variant which should go up to 5.4GHz (Retailer Variant). The ES does not give us an actual representation of the final performance so this performance can improve by quite a bit on launch.

The Performance

The Ryzen 7 7700X in Cinebench R20 scores a decent 7701 points and 773 points in multi-core and single-core testing respectively. This cannot be compared against previously leaked Raptor Lake CPUs as they use Cinebench R23. The difference between these two versions is quite a lot.

R7 7700X in Cinebench R20 | ExtremePlayer

To put this into perspective, Greymon states that these numbers at 25% faster in single core and 30% in multi core testing as compared to the 5800X from Zen3.

That’s actually impressive for a generational improvement. However, to give us more insight, Harukaze posted a relative performance chart. Now before everyone goes berserk, the 13700K is 10% faster than the 12900K in ST testing. So essentially, the R7 7700X >= i9-12900K in terms of single core performance. 

However, Intel due to those little efficient cores takes back the lead against AMD. Many enthusiasts are stating that team blue has an advantage due to more cores (16 cores in the 13700K vs 8 cores in the 7700X). Talk about coming full circle. The same was the case with AMD a few years ago. In the pricing category, both CPUs are placed neck to neck. 

  • R7 7700X vs i7-13700K ($479 vs $511)
R7 7700X Comparison | Harukaze

A Sacrifice Too Big?

Intel may end up losing some single core points due to its efficiency core strategy. However, single core still remains a strong point of team blue so AMD may get close but it wont overtake Chipzilla. The Zen4 CPUs are going to be announced by AMD on the 29th of August


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