R6DB, a Stat Tracking Website for Rainbow Six Siege, is Shutting Down on August 20th

For many gamers, mostly of the competitive mindset, stats hold great significance. At the time of writing, Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege is the 5th most played game on Steam, with even more players on Uplay. R6DB is a website where players can view stats of other players using just their in-game name. A few months ago, GDPR law came into place and it was clear that R6DB’s time was limited.


When the law first came into effect on May 25th, R6DB was expected to be shutdown the day before. Following that, Ubisoft representative Alexandre Remy came to aid and offered legal help to the developers of the website. As a result of GDPR law, developers were forced to make some changes to the website. “Since the GDPR law came into place we’ve had to disable ads and have been paying the server costs from our own pockets. We would’ve also needed to create a company (with all the work that comes with it) since GDPR requires the “identity and the contact details of the controller” to be available to users.” 

For a project that started out as a hobby, it ended up becoming too great of a workload which led to the end of the website. Many people thought that financial reasons led to the shutdown of the website, but a tweet from the owners reveals that “time and effort needed to be compliant” was also a reason.

With the website finally closing down on August 20th, the team behind it says they are not done with Rainbow Six Siege yet. According to PC Gamer, developers are considering plans on how to continue their work. Developer Laxis revealed that the team is planning a “standalone desktop app that hosts everything locally,” although they are not sure about the viability of the idea.

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