AMD’s Next Gen ‘Raphael’ Based R5 7600X Sample Priced at $1000 In the Black Market

As each day passes, we arrive closer to Zen4‘s announcement. AMD is planning to release its next gen CPUs sometime this September showing that testing is almost complete. As a result, a few left over Engineering Samples are roaming around the black market here and there.

HXL on Twitter showed us a sample for AMD’s Ryzen 5 7600X which was leaked a while back. This CPU has a retail clock of around 4.7GHz, however, the ES sample is clocked 300MHz lower at around 4.4GHz

Alleged R5 7600X | Goofish via HXL

Interestingly, the CPU was made in Malaysia back in 2021 showing that production had already started a year back. Seems as if AMD didn’t allow many leaks this time on purpose.

These CPUs were already available at pccanada as placeholders which gave us a rough idea regarding pricing. Both OPN codes ‘100-000000593-20‘ (Today’s leak + Canadian listing) match showing this indeed is the R5 7600X.

Ryzen 7000 preliminary pricing | pccanada

The seller prices this at 9999 Chinese Yuan or around $1500. Indeed, this is not the actual price and a placeholder to scare away potential bots (possibly). In addition, there are no supporting AM5 motherboards in the market right now so buying this would be a waste. However, if you do get this, you can be considered as an early Zen4 adopter.

AMD R5 7600X ES For Sale | Goofish via Videocardz

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