Quick Resume Fix Now Available For Xbox Insiders Via New Patch

This new exclusive update also detailed a ton of known issues, with a few workarounds available for those who are experiencing it.

In the latest update for Xbox Insiders’ most premiere members, the Alpha Skip-Ahead ring, Microsoft has finally released a fix for one of the more notorious issues that members were experiencing. Quick resuming has been a much-appreciated part of the new Xbox ecosystem, but a recent bug sees players encountering a black screen whenever they try to resume, leading to much frustration as the system then goes straight into rebooting the game.

The latest Xbox Insider ver. 2108.210708-2200 fixes those issues and more, leading to a better overall experience for people who opted into the Xbox Insiders program. For those unaware, this program allows the system’s biggest fans to participate in a beta program of sorts as Insiders, and are granted access to early builds of the latest Xbox system updates as well as features and games that are still unreleased and under development. The Insiders program is available on both Xbox and Microsoft Windows 10 on PC, with a steady stream of new updates for those inside the program, although they may not always be the most stable.

Besides the fix for the glaring Quick Resume issues, this latest Xbox Insider patch also rolls out various updates to properly reflect local languages across the console. However, as the update itself is considered unstable because of its early rollout status, Microsoft has noted quite a few issues – with some workarounds – that may cause users some problems.

Some known issues for Xbox Insider ver. 2108.210708-2200

  • Apps are reportedly failing to launch at times, only displaying an ‘Update in Progress’ message loop or error code 0x80073D0F (Workaround: uninstall and reinstall the app to fix the issue)
  • Controller input is sometimes not recognized and stops working whenever a game is launched (Workaround: rebooting the console and relaunching the game should fix it)
  • Streaming content in the Edge browser does not play audio in a newly-launched tab (Workaround: closing the app completely via the context menu and relaunching Edge should fix the issue)
  • Video playback problems in the Disney+ app, resulting in video freezes while audio continues playing (Workaround: try pausing and resuming the playback. If it does not work, try rebooting the console instead)

For a complete list of the patch’s issues and workarounds, check out the list here.


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