Quick Reply Support Announced For Next Update Of Chrome On Android

Just as messaging applications running on cellphone operating systems allow users to tap on notifications and reply to them from the notifications bar or lock screen directly without having to open up the application, Chrome on Android is expected to give out the same kind of smartphone notifications for websites visited and users are going to be able to reply to the notifications in the same way. This means that just as users receive Facebook notifications from the client’s application to respond to, if users have opened the facebook.com website in Google Chrome for Android, they will be able to respond to notifications from the notifications panel as well. This development is not yet on Chrome Canary for testing, but it appears to be under development as indicated in a code review on Chromium Gerrit, the google source developer’s website.

Chromium Gerrit Work In Progress Screenshot. Chromium Gerrit / Appuals

As every social media platform seems to now have its own application which is used for communication, the most prominent benefit that users can expect out of Google Chrome for Android’s quick reply mechanism is that it may be beneficial when using online customer service or client chat forums that are strictly web-based. This will make the browsing more convenient as users will not need to remain on the web page to have it load in real time and respond when needed. Since this feature has not been put out for testing yet, we expect that it is far premature in the development stage and it may take a while before the official update rolls out. We can expect it to show up on Chrome Canary soon, though, and if users would like to test it out, this would be the way to go. Be warned, however, that Canary tests out updates that may not be stable and that could impact one’s browsing experience.

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Quick Reply Support Announced For Next Update Of Chrome On Android

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