Qualcomm’s Upcoming Quick Charge 5.0 Can Fully Charge Your Device in Only Fifteen Minutes

With only iterative improvements in smartphones, many smartphone companies are looking into improving technologies that were considered secondary in any smartphone five years ago. The primary example here is charging speeds. We have had devices that took almost three hours to charge fully. However, with companies like Qualcomm and Oppo, we are now in the era of fast charging. Even companies like Apple have spent a considerable amount of resources on developing fast-charging technologies.

Now Qualcomm has announced the sixth iteration of its Quick charge technology. The technology not only introduces new standards for safety and fast charging but also brings increased efficiency and cross-compatibility. The highlight feature of Quick charge 5 is that you will be able to charge your smartphone from 0 to 50 in just 5 minutes. A full charge will only require 15 minutes, which is insane.

Quick Charge 5.0 compatibility

To achieve such a feat, Qualcomm will allow manufacturers to split the battery into two with identical capacities. Both cells will have their own controllers, and both can be charged simultaneously. The properly designed controller allows the smartphone to consider both batteries as a single entity. We have seen a similar implementation by Oppo for their 125 Watt fast charging, but that is proprietary technology. However, many smartphone manufacturers can benefit from Quick charge 5.0.

Quick Charge 5 is 70% faster than its predecessor, and at the same time, it runs at a lower temperature. It can deliver 100W or above power efficiently.  Moreover, it does not call for huge charging bricks; you will be able to enjoy fast charging with a pocket-sized charger in the future too.

All smartphones that have the Snapdragon 865 processor support the new charging standard. However, it will only be available if companies decide to include the support for it in the existing smartphones with SD 865. The support will also be extended to the mid-range 700 series of devices too.

Lastly, Quick Charge 5.0 is backward compatible and goes all the way back to the Quick charge 2.0 supported devices and accessories.

Mohsin Naeem
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Qualcomm’s Upcoming Quick Charge 5.0 Can Fully Charge Your Device in Only Fifteen Minutes

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