Qualys announced Out-of-Band Configuration Assessment (OCA) for its Cloud Platform

Running on the motto “everything visible, everything secure,” Qualys, Inc. has just come out with another IT security solution that enhances systems security by pushing vulnerability assessment data to the Qualys Cloud Platform from devices that would otherwise remain under the radar. This IT solution is in line with the company’s goal of “unparalleled visibility for all your assets.”

The Qualys Cloud Platform is designed to maintain a consistent check on your IT infrastructure comprising devices. It provides 2-second visibility across all assets, continuously assess devices to ensure they comply with security policies, and identifies any devices that may be compromised. The platform also consolidates all security and compliance stacks and secures your digital transformation.

Beta Pre-Registration has gone live for users to sign up for the Qualys Out-of-Band Configuration Assessment Beta which aims to bring forward inaccessible and sensitively located assets on the network. OCA achieves this by increasing the types of technologies it supports under the QCP, adding metadata from unscanned assets to the platform so that you can get a more wholesome view of critical vulnerabilities across the entire IT infrastructure.

Limitations of the QCP have always remained due to the remote location of some devices and their inaccessibility if the network is disconnected. OCA is designed to push down this barrier by allowing offline device assessment on devices to broaden compliance programs, storing data which may be sent to the QCP at a later time through the API.

The key features of the Qualys Out-of-Band Configuration Assessment include flexible data collection as mentioned earlier in which devices are given the prerogative to collect data offline which may be uploaded to QCP through the API. Another key feature is OCA’s integration across several cloud applications which can use this data to create reports from various perspectives. With the increased access of QCP and OCA on the device, users are still given the right to customize the kinds of data they would like the module to collect and how / when they would like that to be done.

The Qualys OCA Beta registration is now open and the product is expected to hit the general market sometime in September. The product is free and customers can get its license through the vendor’s website.

Aaron Michael
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