Qualcomm Set To Release Their New Quick Charge Standard Next Year, Introduces Triple Charge and Power Deliveries Up To 32W

Every year we see major upgrades on smartphones, with better cameras, displays and what not. But one thing that hasn’t changed a lot over the years are batteries, we still use lithium-ion tech in our smartphones. Although charging speeds seem to be on the rise.

Fast Charging is extremely convenient, especially for people who often forget to put their phones or charge. With today’s fast charging standards, you can plug in your phone for half an hour and it will be good to go for the day.

Voltage Current Max Power
Quick Charge 1.0 5V 2A 10W
Quick Charge 2.0 5V/9V/12V 1.67A/2A 18W
Quick Charge 3.0 3.6V – 20V (200mV increments) 2.5A/4.6A 18W
Quick Charge 4.0 N/A N/A N/A
Quick Charge 4.0+ 5V/9V (USB-PD), 3.6V – 20V (200mV increments) 3A (USB-PD), 2.5A/4.6A 27W (USB-PD)

Qualcomm introduced Quick Charging 1.0, which wasn’t all that fast but had a noticeable improvement over other standards during that time. Quick Charge 1.0 only had a max power output of 10W, which increased with the upcoming iterations. Quick Charge 2.0 and 3.0 received significant upgrades, taking max power up to 18W, achieved through a Voltage increase.

Fast chargers are always powered by charge controllers, which closely monitor power delivery. In quick chargers, while charging from 0-100, the 80-100 phase is extremely slow, while the 1-80 part is very fast. This is actually done by the IC, so there’s no strain on the battery.

New Quick Charge For 2019

Qualcomm releases new quick charge standards every year, with the launch of their new processors. But now with Dash charging and VOOC, there’s serious competition from other manufacturers. Qualcomm earns a licensing fee when companies use their Quick Charge tech, so it’s in their best interest to keep improving it every year.

XDA just reported on a new standard from Qualcomm and it might be the Quick Charge 5.0. It’s rated for insane power deliveries, being at 32W. That’s a 5 Watt jump from the current Quick Charge 4.0+ standard. There won’t be much increment in charging speeds form 0-100, but maybe high charge deliveries in short bursts.

The upcoming quick charge will have something called “Triple Charge”, which is basically charge flow through three paths so that the battery doesn’t heat up. Although a lot of other companies have a similar approach and the concept isn’t new.

Quick Charge 5 will probably be introduced with the Snapdragon 855 chipset next year, but with many companies already having their own standards, there might not be a lot of takers for it.