Qualcomm Reportedly Working on an 8cx Successor To Compete with Apple M1

Remember when Apple announced the new Apple Silicon and everyone was sceptical? The company dubbed it as the Apple M1 and it wasn’t until people had it in their hands that they realised its true potential. Today, Apple M1 Macs are serious powerhouses. They come with relatively light price tags. Not to mention, they offer amazing power and battery life with some of Apple’s magic. This obviously reflects badly on Windows machines running the Qualcomm 8cx chips. Now, a report from WinFuture claims that Qualcomm is in the works to counter Apple’s chipset.

Qualcomm’s Answer to Apple M1?

According to the report, the company is making a new chipset which has showed up in some databases. The model number is visible which we will use to denote it for now. This is the SC8280. Now, what would be different this time around. Simply put, the company is set to make it more powerful than the previous generations which were quite underwhelming. Reports suggest that the Qualcomm variant would be able to support up to 32GB of RAM. It would be working on 14-inch displays, as test cases suggest. Additionally, the housing is slightly larger which may indicate more cores on the machine. The current generation supports 8-cores, much like the Apple M1 chipset.

Since it is a powerful Qualcomm chip, it would be housed with a 5G modem in it which would make a great companion for laptop devices. The report even suggests that we may see a more powerful variant as well. Does this mean that it would go toe-to-toe with the Apple M1? Well, it is pretty soon to say.

Will it trump Apple’s revolutionary chipset?

While the company may be working on something right now, by the time we actually do see it, Apple may be launching its next generation of the chipset. Remember, this was more of a pilot run from the company. They definitely have something more in mind, given that their entire lineup would be upgraded by the next year. Not to mention, a lot of the performance depends upon the integration. Apple M1 performs so well because of the integration it comes with and Apple’s migration software to the new architecture. Since they have had more experience in the market too, of course, they would be a step ahead of them.

Sarmad Burki
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