Qualcomm Confirms Vendors For Snapdragon X50 5G Modems In 2019

Qualcomm has confirmed the list of companies that will use the 5G-modem Snapdragon X50 in 2019

Qualcomm has confirmed which companies will be using their 5G Snapdragon X50 modems in their devices, from next year onwards. The list includes a number of top technology companies; it was also reportedly leaked in February of this year. However, it’s only now that the companies have confirmed the same.

The list contains Asus, Fujitsu Limited, Fujitsu Connected Technologies Limited, HMD Global, HTC, Inseego / Novatel Wireless, LG, NetComm Wireless, NETGEAR, Oppo, Sharp Corporation, Sierra Wireless, Sony Mobile, Telit, vivo, Wingtech, WNC, Xiaomi and ZTE. There were also reports when the list was first leaked that there were indeed a number of companies who were testing the 5G Snapdragon X50 modems this year.

However, these companies were unconfirmed; included were the likes of AT & T, British Telecom, China Telecom, China Mobile and China Unicom, among others. Currently, the first ever 5G phone is set to be the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3; however, some reports indicate that only the 10GB special edition of the phone will have that kind of functionality.

Since Xiaomi was one of the first to get onboard Qualcomm’s radar having the 5G Snapdragon X50 in their devices, it makes sense that they would be one of the first to release a 5G phone. The release date for the Mi MIX 3 is set for October 28th, so unless another manufacturer manages to get a 5G phone out in the next few days, they’ll certainly be the first to release one.

5G phones are set to be miles faster than current technology; however, it’s speed is only an estimate at the moment, as 5G infrastructure still haven’t actually been completely made. That being said, though, its download speeds are set to be significantly faster than 4G networks. It’s also set to have a massive improvement on performance.

Luke Luby
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