Quake Champions Goes Free to Play, Champions Pack on Sale

Quake Champions is the upcoming title in the first person shooter series known as Quake. Currently available via Steam Early Access, the game portrays elements of the classic arena shooter with a modern twist. Today at QuakeCon 2018, developers announced that Quake Champions is now free to play for everyone.

Obviously, the game will be facing changes as it makes the transition to free to play. As is evident from the name, Champions are a major part of the game. In the free to play version of the game, new players have access to two Champions from the get go: Ranger and Scalebearer. Quickplay, Ranked and Arcade game modes as well as all the current maps will be available for free.

To unlock more Champions, players will have to use the in-game currency to purchase Champions. The currency, officially called Favor, can also be used to purchase backpacks which can be opened for rewards. Completing tutorial and finishes matches will reward you with Favor. Similar to other free to play arena games, such as Battlerite, Quake Champions now features a weekly Champion rotation system. One Champion is available on rotation for free, and more slots can be purchased using Platinum, the premium currency.

The Champions Pack

For those who want to avoid the grind and have access to all the Champions, The Champions Pack is the way to go. Available as a limited time offer, the Champions Pack grants access to all current as well as future Champions. Currently, the pack is on sale for a limited time and costs $19.79 USD. From the end of QuakeCon 2018 until September 4th, the pack will cost $29.99 USD, after which the price returns to $39.99 USD.

The first update for Quake Champions after it went free to play is now live. The August patch update has been deployed and adds a new Champion, new cosmetics, and the ability to add bots in custom matches. Check out the detailed patch notes on the official Quake website. Quake Champions is available now for free on PC via Steam.

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Quake Champions Goes Free to Play, Champions Pack on Sale

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