Q4OS v2.6 updates Trinity to version 14.0.5

The Debain-based Linux distribution Q4OS has just released its version 2.6. Still a part of the version 2.x branch, this update doesn’t introduce anything substantially noteworthy. The Q4OS distribution comes with either the Trinity desktop or the KDE Plasma 5 as seen in several recent Linux distributions. In that context, the release does, however, update its version of the Trinity desktop which is a continuation of the KDE 3 desktop environment. On the other end of this spectrum, the distribution also comes with the KDE Plasma version 5.8.6 which is seen in the Debian 9.

According to the release statement, Q4OS version 2.6 comes with the latest Trinity version 14.0.5. The statement goes, “an update to the Q4OS 2 ‘Scorpion’ stable LTS is available for download. The new 2.6 release is based on and upgrades to the latest stable versions of the Trinity 14.0.5 desktop and Debian 9.5 ‘Stretch’ projects.”

The latest release incorporates patches for recently discovered vulnerabilities and security concerns in the operating system. For those already using the Q4OS operating system, these updates are available directly and internally for seamless upgrade through the regular Q4OS repositories.

As stated in the release announcement, “Q4OS Scorpion LTS release (supported for 5 years) is based on Debian 9 Stretch and it features the Trinity 14.0.5 and KDE Plasma 5.8 LTS desktop environments.” This distribution is out for 64-bit, 32-bit, and i386 (without PAE) computers. The ARM 64-bit and 32-bit ports are also incorporated.

This latest release comes with features that are exclusive to the Q4OS operating system. These include the Desktop Profiler application which allows you to profile your device into different “professional working tools.” The Setup feature is there for seamless installation of nonnative applications. There is now also a welcome screen which makes this operating system easier to use and set up for beginners. Alternative installation environments such as LXQT, XFCE Cinnamon, and LXDE have also been added.


Zainab Imran

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