Q/A Session Reveals Details About Cyberpunk 2077: Complex Quests & Signs of Realism To be Expected

Cyberpunk 2077 is a much-awaited title developed by CD Projekt Red. Given the precedent set by the company, people clearly have high hopes with the title. Obviously, after a success like that from Witcher 3, it’s natural for people to be hyped up.

According to a recent tweet by Nibel, there have been certain aspects of the game revealed. This was a Polish Question and Answer session shared on Reddit. According to the tweet, the upcoming title, Cyberpunk 2077 and Witcher 3 have been compared. Going into the detail, more information about the former has been revealed as well. As seen in the tweet below, these are the major difference players can expect in the title.

What to Expect

In a nutshell, the developers agreed that the story would not be as lengthy as the Witcher 3 had but it would be more intuitive, giving more reasons for people to return to the game. This would be similar to the experience offered by Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild, allowing for endless permutations of actions even after finishing the storyline. There would be additional quests offered in the game which would be more complex, allowing more gameplay time and more immersive experience for the players. After the game ends though, the developers have a hidden storyline of sorts in stored. They refused to reveal it at this point though.

Then comes the idea of interaction and realism in the title. While there was a lot that could be done in Witcher 3, Cyberpunk aims to trump that. According to an answer at the forum, they commented that Johnny Silverhand, the main playable character would be completely intractable. In fact, players could use him to “burn down the entire city” if they wished to.

A lot of things in the game would be based on the decisions made by the players. This would affect the storyline, the main character’s actions and even how his apartment would be. To add to the interaction bit, the company has planned car customisation to the mix, although they didn’t say much about it. Speaking of cars, the physics would be tweaked too to match a real-life driving experience. While they did comment that it would not be emulating a simulator, it would definitely be better if not on par with something like GTA.

There are other additional comments about the story, the animation and the gameplay that people should expect. Reddit user u/shavod has summarized the entire session in his thread. Readers may access it here.

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Q/A Session Reveals Details About Cyberpunk 2077: Complex Quests & Signs of Realism To be Expected

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