Python Now Being Offered Through Microsoft Store

Fans of both Python and Microsoft Windows have something to be excited about. An official Python package has made its way to the Microsoft Store. This will hopefully replace the Windows Installer (.MSI) packages that the CPython team has been compiling for years.

Python 3.7 on MS Store in Evaluation before Full Release

This does come with a few drawbacks. For starters, Python scripts will not have full write access for shared locations, including the registry and TEMP. This is due to Microsoft Store restrictions on what apps are capable of. Thus, the Microsoft Store version of Python will either write to a private copy, or you can simply install the full installer from Python’s website. A known issue is that the py.exe launcher cannot be used to launch Python, if it has been installed from the Microsoft Store.

Being a Microsoft Store package, it is of course only available for Windows 10. It is currently considered an “evaluation” release, due to the aforementioned drawbacks. Quite simply, it is merely suitable for running scripts and packages, and using IDLE or other development environments. As we mentioned, the CPython team merely considers this an evaluation of releasing Python through the Microsoft Store, and “not all features are guaranteed stable”.

On the bright side, it does come with numerous useful tools for a Windows 10 environment. You can either launch Python from the Start menu, or via Command Prompt / PowerShell sessions with the python argument.

So while we would still recommend just installing the full version of Python, it is an interesting development nonetheless. We would be quite happy to see the full version of Python offered through the Microsoft Store, with its current restrictions lifted.

Download Python 3.7 from the Microsoft Store.

Kamil Anwar
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Python Now Being Offered Through Microsoft Store

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