Fix: PVP Patcher Kernel not Working

There is not a single program on Earth which performs perfectly under all conditions and there is always going to be a problem regarding something. Creating a program which won’t cause any errors is impossible because each PC is different and there is always something in it that may cause some stability issues. These issues are multiple times greater as you increase the scale of a program and that is why video games often suffer the most. Certain issues are quite easy to fix and require almost no effort at all but some of them are more complicated and more difficult to handle. Patcher Kernel Issue

Some users have experienced the issue where they receive this particular error after reinstalling their League of Legends client. This error sometimes doesn’t show up immediately but only after you try to install the game after a second or third try. This is actually common and there seems to be no definite solution to the problem and various fixes have worked for different people. Be sure to try out most of them and don’t give before you test out everything from first to last.

Try the Hextech Repair Tool

This is one of the best automated repair tools available for gamers and Riot definitely did a great job coming up with this idea. This tool can easily fix some of the most often problems which generally appear regarding your League of Legends client and it can display some of the most common problems which appear in your particular region. The size of it is quite small and it can even grab your log files and zip them in order to solve some of the most complicated issues. Simply download it, install it, and make sure your click “Run as administrator” by right-clicking and selecting this option.

This tool is available for download from Riot’s official site

Repatch the Client

There is also a way to reinstall the patch you downloaded but it requires following the instructions closely. This is a good way to avoid the whole process of reinstalling the entire game and it only takes a couple of minutes to locate the files.

Open \Riot Games\Rads \Projects \lol_air_client \releases. There you should see a folder whose name changes from patch to patch but you should see files named “S_OK” and “release manifest” no matter what patch it is. Delete these files before you proceed.

Open the “deploy” folder which is also located in the “releases” folder. Delete the following files: “META-INF”, “logs”, “LolClient.exe”, and “”.

After you complete all of the above, open your Patcher again and the last update you downloaded should be installed in to time.

Updating League of Legends can sometimes be a difficult process

Reinstall the Game

If none of the solutions above seem to work for you, your only chance might be to simply reinstall the game. This may be a long process for people whose Internet connection is not so fast but it’s worth doing this if no other solution seems to help.

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Fix: PVP Patcher Kernel not Working

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