PUBG’s Upcoming Training Mode is More Than Just a Shooting Range

Today, what every PUBG fan has been asking since launch just became a reality. PUBG developers announced today that the game is set to receive a Training mode next month, and its more than just a shooting range. The addition of the new mode is part of the FIX PUBG campaign that was kicked off at the start of this month.

Training Mode

Set on a 2×2 kilometer map, five to twenty people can join the training map to explore the variety of training methods available to them. Aside from the basic shooting ranges for aim practice, players can test out their driving skills on the racetracks as well as practice parachute landings on scattered targets. The courses are well designed so players can perfect everything from movement to stunt jumps in vehicles.

Shooting Range

“New players should be able to understand the basics of navigation, looting, shooting, driving, and parachuting,” said World Team Lead, Dave Curd. “Casual players should have fun experimenting in our expansive playground environment- stunt driving, boat racing, and exploring the island to find all its locations. More serious players should enjoy learning about deeper gunplay- how the attachments, scopes, recoil, zeroing, and bullet-drop influence their shots.” 

In the shooting range part of the map, players can choose from different types of targets, each with different behavior:

Incremental range targets:

  • 800m Range
  • 400m Range
  • Special 1k Range target

Free targets:

  • Standing targets
  • Moving targets (left, right)
  • Targets inside a building (stationary / moving)
  • Parachute practice area
  • Throwables range
  • Melee range
  • Parkour area
  • CQC Course
  • Indoor CQC Range

In the vehicle section, a variety of racetracks for every type of vehicle, including “sweet water ramps”, are available:

  • Long track
  • Racing track
  • Off road
  • Sweet Stunt Ramps

Throughout the entire match, players have access to a wide loadout of every weapon in the game:

  • Melee weapons
  • Guns
  • Attachments
  • Gear
  • Ammo
  • Throwables

“We wanted to go beyond what players were asking for, so we didn’t want the map to be just a shooting range, but an open, living map where players can test a variety of skills to their heart’s content,” said Senior Designer, Dave Osei. “We created this map for you and look forward to seeing your new and improved skills on the battlegrounds!”

The first iteration of training mode for PUBG is expected to be released sometime in September.

Farhan Ali
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