PUBG’s Ranking System is Flawed – Here’s Why

A recent update to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds added a fully-fledged ranking system to the battle royale. The new rank system offers eight ranks which are based on the rank points of a player. Although the system is in its early stages, a community member by the name of WackyJacky101 has discovered that the rank mechanic has a major flaw.

Similar to other games, PUBG’s rank system was created to let players identify their skill level. Unfortunately, after a lengthy and in-depth test conducted by WackyJacky, a huge flaw within the distribution of rank points was found. The purpose of the test was to achieve ‘Grandmaster’, the highest rank division, using as little time and effort as possible.

Explaining his testing methodology, WackyJacky says:

“I start a game on Sanhok and wait for the plane to be about halfway over the map. Then I drop out and pull my parachute as quickly as possible. When the first circle has been revealed, I immediately dive down and land in the center. Then I go prone and go AFK.”

For each of the 69 games he played until obtaining Grandmaster, the Youtuber employed the same pacifist strategy, and even won a game by doing absolutely nothing! PUBG Corp. states that players will have to “fight through increasingly difficult competition” in order to achieve Grandmaster, a rank which can supposedly only be claimed by the top 100 players. After analyzing the statistics of the matches, the Youtuber found out that the average ranking of his opponents was mostly gold, and never exceeded platinum.

Average Player Ranking
Average Player Ranking
Rank Points Gain Per Game
Rank Points Gain Per Game

Analyzing the functionality of the ranking system reveals that players earn rank points for nearly every game they play. As you progress through the ranks, it will take you longer to progress to the next rank, but it does not get any harder. This means that, in theory, you can earn Grandmaster by just AFKing through matches!

Hopefully, the developers address this issue as fast as possible, as many players who believe their rank represents their skill are being misled.

Farhan Ali
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