PUBG’s limited time War Mode disabled due to server issues

On Thursday, PUBG’s second war mode event called Desert Knights was launched. This is the new death-match style game mode that pits ten five-person teams against each other on a small section of the map.

Shortly after the event was launched, Desert Knights was shut down early as a result of server issues. The limited time event was originally scheduled to run till May 6th. To investigate and resolve the instability reported by players, PUBG Corp. launched an emergency maintenance. During the emergency maintenance, developers discovered that the issues were caused by War Mode. The problems must have been hard to tackle as the developers were forced to prematurely shut down the entire game mode.

PUBG Corp. announced on Twitter:

“Unfortunately, we’ve had to prematurely end this week’s event mode, as it was found to be the cause of recent server instability. Our engineers are working hard to ensure this problem doesn’t occur in the future.”

Players who were excited to jump in and test out the second installment of War are going to be disappointed. The Desert Knights event was the first war mode to be set on Miramar, and the objective was to be the first team to acquire 200 points. Teams were given a certain number of re-spawns and the play area was limited to a small part of the map. Each player spawns with one random care package weapon. More details of the event can be found here.

There is no official announcement regarding the current status of Desert Knights. Hopefully, PUBG Corp. has resolved all related issues and will add Desert Knights back into the rotation soon. The latest PUBG update went live a few days ago and added a variety of content, including a vehicle and a rifle.

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is available on Xbox One on the Microsoft Store and on PC through Steam.

Farhan Ali
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