PUBG’s First “Battlestat” Weapon Skin Has an Extremely Low Drop Chance

Most of today’s games feature cosmetic weapon skins that contribute greatly to its market. While not as large as Counter Strike: Global Offensive, other games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds have implemented weapon skins. Earlier this week, the battle royale released the first “Battlestat” weapon skin. The concept of PUBG’s new Battlestat skins is very similar to the “StatTrak” functionality seen in CS:GO weapon skins.

Industrial Security – AKM Battlestat

The new Battlestat AKM skin records a player’s kills with the use of a counter. Just like the StatTrak skins, PUBG’s Battlestat skins are worth significantly more than their basic counterparts. The skin, however, has a 0.16% drop chance and can only be unlocked from a paid key crate.

To put that into perspective, you’ll need to buy a whopping 433 keys to have a 50% chance of getting the skin. As Redditor dangerdad137 notes, the odds of unboxing an Industrial Security AKM Battlestat are insanely low.

Just like regular skins, Battlestat weapon skins do not affect gameplay in any way whatsoever. Despite this, stat tracking weapon skins like those seen in CS:GO are sought after. The AKM Industrial Security is the first weapon to receive a Battlestat variant. More weapon skins will be added to the list in the future.

The community is not happy about the low drop rates. At the time of writing, not a single Battlestat AKM is listed on the Steam Marketplace. The slim drop chance of the skin explains why players are choosing not to spend hundreds of dollars on keys.

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PUBG’s First “Battlestat” Weapon Skin Has an Extremely Low Drop Chance

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